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*During a study sponsored by BosleyMD and conducted in an independent clinic with over 30 men and women, of varying ages and ethnicities over a 12-week period using Revive Shampoo & Conditioner, Follicle Energizer and Hair Regrowth Treatment with Minoxidil

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What’s the difference between DEFENSE and REVIVE products?

The BosDefense product line is formulated for those who want to help protect against thinning hair. It’s your preventative measure and the ideal choice for any preliminary thinning. The BosRevive product line is uniquely formulated for those who want to help restore visibly thinning hair. If you are seeing noticeable thinning and visible scalp, look for BosleyMD’s BosRevive products.

Will my hair fall out if I quit using Minoxidil?

It is recommended that you continue to use Minoxidil even after regrowing new hair. If you stop, the new hair may begin to revert and fall out. We do find many will go on a maintenance schedule using once a day, instead of twice daily.

What is the Follicle Energizer?

The Follicle Energizer is a treatment for areas of thinning and low-density hair. Protects and repairs while helping to support healthy hair function in areas of low density such as the hairline or areas where mechanical damage (breakage) has occurred to hair. Apply one of two drops to fingertips, massage into damaged areas and leave on scalp. May be used up to two times a day with or without shampooing first. Contains scalp activators that may help raise follicle energy levels. Pentapeptides help stimulate production of root-strengthening Keratin Protein. Apple Stem Cell Extract may support healthy hair follicles. Biotinyl-GHK helps protect and repair hair follicles.

Do BosleyMD supplements assist in hair growth?

Healthy Hair Growth Supplements may combat hair loss with Biotin, Niacin and Zinc for thicker, fuller looking hair. Biotin helps strengthen the hair follicle while Niacin and Zinc maintain healthy hair and reduce shedding. May also improve the appearance of skin and nails.

What if I stop taking the Men's and Women's Hair Growth Supplements?

With consistent use you will see noticeable results. Once you stop taking these supplements there is a chance your hair could return to its previous appearance over the course of several months. It is ideal to continue use of the BosleyMD Hair Growth Supplements to maintain optimum scalp and hair health.