If you have noticed thinning or bald spots, you’re like millions of other Americans who live with hair loss. A recent study found that while there are dozens of causes, hair follicle health has a direct effect on normal strand growth patterns. With a few changes, you’ll be able to rejuvenate your hair’s texture, appearance, and strength. Here’s how to keep your hair follicles healthy.

What Is Hair Made Of?

Hair is made of keratin, a protein that keratinocyte cells produce and move to the skin and die. While the follicles are alive in the scalp, the bulb is the base for the root of the hair. The dead cells form strands that renew themselves through life cycle rejuvenation. While the strands are dead, it’s the follicles that must stay healthy for new hair to grow back after thinning or loss.

What Causes Hair Follicles To Die?

It is the hair follicles that transition through the anagen (birth), catagen (death), and telogen (rest) stages. During each cycle, the hair strands undergo structured changes but renew themselves when hair follicles are healthy. About ten percent of hair is always in the telogen stage, so it’s vital to proactively work to ensure that hair follicles are able to rest and enter the anagen cycle. 

Anagen: Lasts Up To Six Years, Grows One Centimeter A Month
Catagen: Lasts About Ten Days, Hair Follicle Cells Stop Producing Keratin And Die
Telogen: Lasts About One Hundred Days, Hair Sheds And Follicles Rest Until Renewal 

It is through problems like scalp trauma scarring or hereditary conditions that hair follicles are unable to renew hair growth. Once damaged, the hair follicles shrink and make the hair finer and fragile until they die completely and hair loss and balding become permanent. If there are hair follicles that are healthy in the scalp area that scarring occurs, Bosley hair restoration will help. 

How Do I Know If Hair Follicles Are Dead?

It’s important to remember that hair follicle cells die, but hair regrows after the follicles rest. When your hair follicles are dead, they do not regrow hair. You can inspect your scalp and look for signs of hair growth. Even if you only see thin hair patches or fuzzy texture, your hair follicles are still alive and will continue to renew themselves. If you don’t see any activity for a month, there is a high probability that your scalp has suffered a trauma or genetically caused cells to die. 

What Causes Infected Hair Follicles?

If your hair follicles are infected, common causes can be ingrown hairs, infections, viruses, inflammation, fungi, or bacteria. Folliculitis is often the diagnosis of affected hair follicles. Using a follicle energizer and nourisher will rejuvenate cellular regeneration and circulation.

Can Dead Hair Follicles Grow Back?

If a hair follicle is intact, hair can grow back with proper care. Using Bosley hair products will significantly enhance the likelihood of follicle cell rebirth. If there is scarring or has closed for some time without regrowing hair, it is likely that you won’t be able to grow any new hair without intervention. It will also help to seek an expert’s opinion about procedures like Bosley hair restoration. Whether you naturally regrow hair or require specialized intervention, hair follicle health is critical. Preventative care will also ensure your follicles do not die prematurely.

How long does it take for a hair follicle to grow back?

Hair follicles typically grow back within one to two months as long as your scalp does not need to recover from damage. If your hair follicles are damaged, it can take up to four years until they are able to regrow hair normally unless it is permanent, in which case no new strands will grow.

Why Does My Hair Fall Out With The Follicle?

If you have noticed that you are losing an abnormal amount of hair from the scalp, something has disrupted the regular hair regrowth cycle. It can be due to hair strands that do not grow as long as they should while in the anagen stage or that more hair follicles enter the telogen phase than normal. Likely causes are stress, which causes alopecia or telogen effluvium or an early resting.

How Do You Stimulate Hair Follicles?

Essential oils are ideal for stimulating hair follicles. Try these for thinning, balding, and texture.

  • Peppermint essential oil widens blood vessels and increases circulation to follicles. It’s the perfect oil to use in a scalp massage to promote hair growth.


  • Tea Tree essential oil has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can treat your scalp and hair follicles against inflammations and infections. Tea tree oil also helps to unclog hair follicles, enables hair growth, and conditions the scalp.
  • If you find that your hair is thinning or balding, use rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is known for cell rejuvenation and hair growth. Recent studies also suggest that rosemary protects hair follicles from bacteria and fungi infections.


  • Lavender essential oil has a reputation for motivating hair growth and preventing loss because of conditions like alopecia or male pattern baldness. Lavender usage also has been found to produce thicker, healthier, stronger hair strands.

How Can I Strengthen My Hair Follicles Naturally?

  • Proper Nutrition

    As hair follicles are made of cells, you need to ensure you consume enough nutrients every day to maintain their health long-term. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A, B (biotin), C, D, E, iron, protein, and zinc. Nutritional deficiencies cause hair thinning and loss, so if you are unable to eat nutrient-rich meals every day, you can take a Bosley healthy hair nutritional supplement to ensure your hair follicles get crucial vitamins and minerals. 
    1. Do Hair Supplements Actually Work?

      Hair follicle health is dependent on healthy cells that start with the nutritional support from food intake that travels to the bloodstream. It is through this function that the cells in the blood carry these vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles and generates hair growth and texture. With continuous nutrition, hair cells thrive.

  1. What is The Best Supplement For Hair Growth?

    We highly recommend using Bosley Pro Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement For Men and Bosley Pro Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement For Women to ensure you receive the right nutritional formula for hair growth. Bosley supplements are formulated for full mind-and-body wellness, so your hair, skin, and nails benefit.


  • Calculate Daily Water Intake

    If you have noticed your hair strands are lifeless and your skin is dry, chances are that you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and try to limit your intake of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, soda, or tea. You can also substitute tap water for coconut water or vitamin-enhanced drinks to give your body that extra boost. You can also put chia seeds in a cup of water and soak them for an hour to make a gel for your favorite chia seed drink recipes.

  • Haircare Routine Changes

    How often do you wash and style your hair? Do you brush it wet and pull on the tangles? What type of towel do you use? Do you use styling gels, hairsprays, or rubber bands? These causes could be the very reasons why your hair follicles are damaged, and you are experiencing hair loss or balding. Making a few haircare routine changes can greatly reduce hair strand loss by washing and conditioning your hair less and using Bosley hair products such as hairspray, mousse, cleansing powder, styling gel, crème, and fibers.

  • Reduction Of Heating Tools And Chemicals

    Studies show that heat causes hair follicle damage. Chemicals, however, can destroy them and cause permanent damage. Reducing the usage of heating tools and chemicals will significantly reduce damage simply by not drying your hair at higher temperatures or using mild hair coloring ingredients. Experts advise keeping your hairdryer more than fifteen centimeters from your hair, using a lower temperature, or drying it naturally to improve fair follicle health and reduce the amount of hair loss you experience long-term.

  • Scalp Massages

    Scalp massages are ideal for hair follicle renewal and growth as it invigorates the skin right below the scalp. A study on androgenic alopecia showed that standardized scalp massages reduce hair loss. Another study found that those who had four-minute scalp massages also grew thicker hair strands by increasing the width of hair follicle cells. It also reduces stress, which is a huge reason why some people suffer from thinning or loss.

  • Bosley Hair Products

    Bosley hair products like Bosley shampoofollicle energizers, or follicle nourishers are formulated for people who experience thinning and balding and want to defend and protect hair follicles from loss or revive natural hair growth. Choose Bosley for him or Bosley for her for the best results. These Bosley products also work in unison with Bosley hair restoration like transplants, laser therapy (LLLT), or scalp pigmentation.

Can Bosley regrow your hair? Bosley was founded in 1974 by Dr. L. Lee Bosley to reduce hair thinning and boost follicle growth. It all starts with keeping your hair follicles healthy, which is why Bosley hair products were created to assist customers with hair loss solutions.