Hair loss is a problem that many people relate to as it affects home, work, and social contact. It’s also difficult to pinpoint the cause early on as hair loss can be contributed to genetics, hormonal changes, side effects of medications, medical conditions, stress, and personal lifestyle choices. Thankfully,Bosley has worked tirelessly to develop products that make all the difference, so here are four lifestyle tips that promote hair growth and help you improve your quality of life.

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Before we talk about lifestyle tips, it is important to understand why you are losing your hair and what you can do right now to manage it. The birth of Bosley’s hair movement educated people about hair loss for all hair types. There is also a lot of new information out that has led to the careful creation of Bosley hair products. Our products provide expert preventative measures to help you promote hair regrowth. Here are a few ingredients that are revolutionizing hair care.

  • Coconut oil has gained a reputation for dealing with hard to manage and dehydrated hair types, so it’s the go-to product ingredient to reduce hair loss.

  • Avocado oil helps unblock hair follicles and inspires blood flow to the scalp.

  • Sulfur in egg yolks inspire hair growth and nourish the scalp and dead ends. 

  • Charcoal is a relatively new ingredient in skincare, but it is becoming the must-have ingredient in shampoo and styling products because it absorbs oil and dirt. Try our BamBoom Volumizing And Cleansing Powder that uses bamboo charcoal as it absorbs up to ten times more oil and dirt than other hair care ingredients. Having a clean scalp is the first line of defense in boosting hair follicle stimulus.

Lifestyle Tips For Hair Regrowth

     1. Follow A Consistent Hair Care Regimen

One of the most likely ways to lose hair is by improperly shampooing, drying, or styling your hair, so you want to identify your hair type and then choose the correct Bosley hair products to target the problematic areas and support your hair regrowth activities with the correct ingredients. Is your hair dry and damaged, lifeless and dead, or greasy and dull? It matters!

  • What is my hair type?

    Type 1: Straight
    Type 2: Wavy
    Type 3: Curly
    Type 4: Coarse

  • Why am I losing my hair?

    Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women from issues like testosterone and hormonal changes. Minoxidil is typically the best treatment for people who are losing hair or are bald because of hereditary causes. 

  • Bosley for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment w/ 5% Minoxidil
  • Bosley for Women Hair Regrowth Treatment w/ 2% Minoxidil

    If your hair loss is from shampooing, drying, or styling, you can also develop your hair care routine based on the lifestyle characteristics that you want to improve.

  • What lifestyle characteristics do I want to improve?

    A consistent hair care regimen is imperative to maintain a healthy scalp and reduce hair loss. It takes constant vigilance to keep it clean, nourished, and hydrated. Too much discipline can damage it too. A good hair care regimen should consist of this:

  • Avoid washing your hair too much. Strive for 2-3x a week based on hair type. You can use Bosley Volumizing Dry Shampoo on your off days when needed.

  • During your hair wash, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that deeply cleanses your hair without all the added unnecessary ingredients like diethanolamine, parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, and triethanolamine. If you want to try the best shampoo for thinning hair, give Bosley’s BOSRevive Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair or non-color-treated hair a try. Our shampoos cleanse the scalp while removing the harmful contaminants that cause hair loss. Limiting your hair washes while using a deep cleansing shampoo will help preserve the natural oils that travel down your hair shaft and hydrates your hair strands. Right now, you can buy The Perfect Pair promotional offer and order any Bosley shampoo and conditioner to receive a free travel size shampoo and conditioner set with your order.

  • Use a detangling comb or brush to untangle hair strands from the ends upward. It’s also versatile as it works on all hair textures and types.

  • Detangling your hair while conditioning in the shower. It makes it easier to get the tangles out without ripping hair strands from your scalp.

  • Use Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub (with bamboo charcoal) to exfoliate and invigorate the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and inspire natural regrowth.

  • Use Bosley Moisture Masque (with avocado oil) to promote the perfect environment for hair growth of fuller, stronger, and thicker hair strands.

  • Use Bosley Follicle Energizer to boost cell regeneration and regrowth.

     2. Maintain A Balanced Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is very important to make sure that your hair is receiving the necessary nutrients the hair follicles need to grow stronger and thrive. Signs that your diet is affecting your hair growth and retention are hair breakage, chipped nails, and dry skin. In addition to eating nutrient-dense foods, some people opt to take a vitamin supplement when undergoing medical therapy or have autoimmune disorders that cause nutrient deficiencies.


3. Use The Appropriate Styling Tools And Products

One of the biggest causes of hair damage is over-styling, which means anything you do to your strands to style and maintain it. This includes the products and devices you use on it.

Types Of Over-Styling Include:

  • Straightening, curling, or placing high heat on your hair for a consistent period causes damage to it. For some time, your hair will bounce back healthily. Continuously placing heat on your hair for long periods will eventually cause hair breakage and splitting. If you notice you have dead ends, your styling is likely the culprit. Use Bosley’s Style + Blow Dry & Styling Gel to prevent damage from styling tools. 

  • Coloring continuously strips your hair of nourishment and hydration. Over time, it leaves your hair looking and feeling dull and damaged. Try BosRevive Starter Pack For Color Treated Hair to nourish, add volume, and thicken hair for intensive therapy.

  • Pulling your hair into tight ponytails or buns rips hair strands from the follicles, which can have irreparable consequences. The friction caused by the hairband can also cause extensive hair breakage, sometimes leading to hair patches completely being pulled from the scalp. A sign that your hair is breaking off is the condition of your scalp at the hairline. Are there lots of hairs shorter than the rest at the base of the scalp? Loosening your hair bands and decreasing the number of times you pull your hair back all together will also significantly help to save your strands from hair loss. 

       4. Invest In Bosley’s Non-Surgical Solutions For Hair Loss

The Bosley hair movement was created out of the frustration that many men and women face with hair loss. This has led to many discussion forums, Facebook groups, and YouTube tutorials about how to grow hair faster and how to style your hair best. For a certain group of people, shampooing and styling aren’t enough to naturally grow hair.

While the first three lifestyle tips were about hair care routine best practices, you need to know when to contact Bosley hair restoration experts for help with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Patient profiles vary for a more permanent hair regrowth procedure from those losing hair and balding to those who want thicker hair. 

We recommend trying these Bosley’s nonsurgical treatments to boost your hair regrowth. 

  • For hair loss, try Trigen+ with Power Matric PRP Therapy. This treatment is non-surgical as we utilize platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy stimulation with low-level laser therapy and Bosley Professional Strength products to regrow hair. 

  • Bosley offers Scalp Micropigmentation which creates the illusion of thicker hair on your scalp by using microneedles to apply thousands of tiny ink impressions. This solution offers you a more permanent hair transplant technique to consider.

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) helps stimulate new hair growth with follicle cell regeneration. This is a safe, easy, and affordable way to rouse your hair follicles by applying cool laser treatments and wavelengths of light to the scalp.

Founded in 1974 by L. Lee Bosley, we have more than forty years of industry experience, which is why Bosley is a recognized leader for hair restoration solutions as we’ve performed over 300,000 hair transplants in sixty different countries. Bosley hair products were also created for different types of hair loss and regrowth complications.

How long does it take for hair to grow? Hair grows about a half-inch per month. With restoration, you’ll see the full results in twelve to eighteen months. To receive a free consultation, visit Bosley.com to request additional information. While hair loss is inevitable, there are non-surgical and surgical solutions to grow gorgeous, healthy hair. 

Are you ready to start your hair journey but you’re not sure of where to start? Bosley has everything you need from starter kits to surgical and non-surgical hair restoration. With Bosley, there is much you can do to regrow your hair, but we highly recommend these four lifestyle tips to begin hair growth revitalization using our Bosley hair products and techniques to support it.