A recent study by the International Journal of Trichology found that there is a direct correlation between scalp health and hair loss. Any time the scalp is dirty, malnourished, inflamed, or infected, scalp conditions are more likely to occur. Bacteria and fungus also infiltrate the skin through hair follicles that result in infections like Folliculitis or Tinea capitis. Here is our research on the causes of scalp conditions and how to treat them with Bosley hair products.

Symptoms Of Scalp Conditions

It’s important to keep in mind when identifying a cause of your skin condition that the symptoms differentiate in small ways. That is why it is often difficult for people to self-diagnose because it is hard to tell the difference between a fungal, bacterial, or allergic reaction to ingredients. These are the most common symptoms you should look for when classifying scalp condition causes.

  • rash
  • pain
  • hair loss
  • itchiness
  • scaly patches
  • hair thinning
  • scalp discomfort
  • red inflammation
  • sore areas on the scalp
  • white or yellow flaking
  • dead skin cell build-up
  • whiteheads or fluid discharge
  • hair damage such as strand fractures or breakage

While these are the most common symptoms, it is possible to see less familiar indications of a scalp condition. If you are unsure, it’s best to speak with a medical professional for treatment.

Common Causes Of Scalp Conditions

There is no definitive knowledge behind what causes skin and scalp conditions. It could be from a single contributor or because of multiple sources like hygiene, styling, scalp health, or heredity. Here are a few contributors that Bosley hair restoration physicians experience from clientele.

  • Infections
  • Malnutrition
  • Skin Conditions
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Male Pattern Baldness (Heredity)
  • Female Pattern Baldness (Hormonal Changes)

Scalp Conditions And Treatments

  • Alopecia areata is caused by an autoimmune response that targets hair follicles. This scalp condition causes hair loss in patches or over the entire scalp but will regrow back.

  • Cicatricial alopecia is a skin condition that affects the hair follicles or scalp. Primary cicatricial alopecia causes the hair follicles to die accidentally when inflammation attacks the root casing. Secondary cicatricial alopecia is caused by a scalp injury, radiation, infection, tumor, or burn. Inflammation, flaking, redness, and hair loss are common.

  • Cradle Cap, or Seborrheic eczema, is mostly found in infants under the age of one. A baby will often experience a yellowish, scaly scalp with flaking. Thankfully, it doesn’t cause pain or itching, so your baby will overcome it without any medical treatment.

  • Female Pattern Baldness is caused by several factors, including post-menopause, medical conditions, or hormonal imbalances that lead to hair thinning at the part line. 

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  • Folliculitis is an inflammatory infection that affects hair follicles and scalp. Symptoms may include rash or pimples. Using an anti-bacterial soap, antibiotics, or topical antiseptic will work well. You can also use moisturizers and warm compresses at home.

  • Impetigo is a contagious bacterial skin condition that can affect the scalp and cause bursting blisters that eventually crust over. You may also experience red sores that are painful and itchy. With a topical antibiotic cream, you should feel relief in seven days. 

  • Lichen planus causes purplish blisters on the body, including the skin and scalp that are inflamed, itchy, and scabby. You will need a steroid cream and antihistamines to control symptoms, but you may also seek treatment such as phototherapy with UV lighting.

  • Male Pattern Baldness is most often caused by genetics or a testosterone disorder that leads to hair loss, patchy bald spots, and a scaly scalp at the temples and crown. While there is no baldness cure for MPB, you can use Minoxidil to stimulate hair regrowth.

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  • Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes whitish scales and red bumps on the scalp that is painful and sore. There is also dryness, flaking, and itchiness that leads to hair thinning or balding. Prescribed topical corticosteroids, moisturizers, and vitamin A and D will help.

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  • Seborrheic eczema, also called dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin and scalp condition that results in scaly and flaky patches that cause dandruff. Treatment for seborrheic dermatitis include antibiotics, topical antifungal cream, medicated shampoo, or steroids. 

  • Tinea capitis is caused by a fungus on the scalp and hair follicles that appears flaky and patchy. It also causes itching, irritation, pain, fever, hair loss, and swollen lymph nodes.

  • Traumatic alopecia is caused by a scalp injury that results in ulcers, infections, and hair loss. Symptoms include itching, redness, fluid, and pimples. A person may experience a receding hairline around the temples, neck, and forehead when this skin condition is mild to moderate. While it can take twelve months to recuperate from the damage, severe trauma causes scar tissue that will not regrow hair. People who wear braids or participate in tight styling practices tend to be more susceptible to developing traumatic alopecia.

Treating Scalp Conditions

Having a scalp condition can be miserable. The longer you wait to get treatment, the more severe your hair thinning and loss will be as well. There are several things you can do to counter the effects of scalp condition symptoms. You can also seek medical care and then perform self-help techniques to not only overcome any type of scalp condition but ensure your scalp is healthy.

  • Do you know when to see a doctor for a scalp condition? Some people tend to use over-the-counter treatment at first to see if it helps. You’ll want to call a primary doctor or dermatology specialist that specializes in scalp conditions if you do not see any results. 

  • Prescription antibiotics, anti-inflammation steroids, and corticosteroids are the most common medication types doctors prescribe for scalp infection signs or symptoms. 

  • If your scalp condition is due to malnutrition, a nutrition supplement will provide the vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and help with cell rejuvenation.

Bosley Hair Products That Are Ideal For Hair Thinning Or Hair Loss

Bosley hair products provide a host of benefits that reduce the long-term effects of scalp condition damage. Our products also help with thickening your hair and regrowing them. Hair cosmetics are also vital to have on hand if you suffer from any scalp condition symptoms. Here are just a few we recommend you use as self-help cleansing, symptom relief, and treatment.

  • Bosley Shampoo and conditioner helps with clearing away dirt, oil, dead cell build-up, and dry skin flakes. Our BOSDefense Nourishing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner work as thickening agents and moisturizers to boost hair and scalp health. You can buy a starter pack with a thickening treatment.

  • Follicle Energizer 

    Bosley Follicle Energizer is the perfect go-to repair serum for thinning hair as it strengthens hair strands and stimulates cellular energy and micro-circulation. The ocean marine algae ingredient also nourishes your hair follicles and deters DHT.

  • Follicle Nourisher

    Our Bosley Follicle Nourisher is a leave-in spray that replenishes hair and scalp health. It also has Palmetto to discourage DHT hormones to prevent hair loss and helps to regrow thicker hair and reinvigorate strands with botanical extracts.

  • BosRevive Thickening Treatment

    BosRevive Thickening Treatment is a perfect leave-in foam that treats and revitalizes scalp health. If your hair has damage from a scalp condition, this Bosley product will also thicken and repair your hair with a voluminous texture.

  • Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub

    Our Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub is the best cleansing, exfoliating, and detoxifying treatment for many types of scalp conditions. Your hair strands will be thicker, healthier, and stronger because of Bamboo Charcoal and Biogenic Pentapeptides.

  • Moisture Masque

    Bosley’s Moisture Masque restores dry, brittle, and lifeless hair to a beautiful, hydrated, and shiny appearance. It will also have a stronger, thicker appearance.

  • Bosley Pro Strengthening Masque

    Bosley Pro Strengthening Masque is going to revive and restore damaged, dead, and dull hair. Along with biotin and jojoba extract, the chamomile and vegetable proteins are going to help your hair and scalp recuperate from any type of scalp condition while also counterbalancing the damage from breakage and hair loss. 

  • BamBoom Volumizing & Cleansing Powder

    BamBoom Volumizing & Cleansing Powder is ideal for countering the effects of pollutants, impurities, and sebum gland oil production. It’s also perfect for hair instantaneous hair rejuvenation and cell regeneration that stimulates new growth. You’ll love this product as hair will look and feel denser, stronger, and fuller.

  • Hair Thickening Fibers

    If you are experiencing thinning hair, you have to try our Hair Thickening Fibers. Not only do the fibers stick to your hair in any type of weather of activity, but it holds the hair strands in place for a thicker look with a touch of Non-Aerosol Hairspray and Fiberhold Spray. It’s a must-have for thinning.

What is important to keep in mind is that most scalp conditions are treatable. The earlier you recognize the symptoms, the more likely you will have milder hair thinning or loss. It’s also critical to keep in mind that Bosley hair products are formulated to maximize scalp health, so you won’t likely get a scalp condition by cleansing, moisturizing, and hydrating your scalp.