For millions of people, thinning hair causes a dramatic change, both physically and emotionally, that will affect the daily quality of life for many. There are also lots of causes that make it difficult to identify the underlying problem until the thinning has become more moderate. For professionals, hair thinning will affect job performance, ability to concentrate on work duties, or social interactions. Unlike with balding, there are ways to conceal thinning hair.

Why Is My Hair Thinning?

This is the most important question you need to answer before developing a hair care routine for concealing thinning hair. You won’t be able to find a solution unless you know the cause. You also may require medical intervention and treatment in addition to our Bosley hair products.

Why Am I Losing More Hair Than Normal?

Do you know how many hairs are on your head? While most of us have about 100,000 strands, we shed up to one hundred each day going about our daily routines. It is when you notice excessive hair shedding that you will want to pay attention to when and how many hairs are lost. How many are considered excessive? It is when you see more than 150 in a single day.

If you notice excessive shedding after surgery, an extreme diet change, childbirth, on medication, have a skin condition or are stressed out, you shouldn’t panic because it could be a reaction to a change in your routine. These types of hair thinning causes are generally short-term. Hair will grow back within two to six months afterward. Bosley offers lots of hair care solutions that help.

Another issue we can’t help is aging, genetics, and hormonal changes. Hair growth cycles tend to change as the body grows older. While a normal hair growth cycle spends about seven years in the anagen stage, aging follicles tend to produce thinner hair strands. The hair follicles also tend to spend longer periods in the telogen phase, so the scalp will not restart in the anagen phase. 

Bosley Experts Advise These 5 Ways To Conceal Thinning Hair

While we highly advocate for the use of affordable minoxidil regrowth treatment for men and women or hair transplants for more advanced hair thinning, there are a few ways to achieve a healthier scalp and fuller hair strands by making simple changes to your normal hair care routine.

1. Use A Chemical-Free Color Treatment

Coloring thinning hair is fine as long as you do not use those with chemicals. Most especially if you have lost hair from color treatment damage, pay close attention to the ingredient list and avoid brands that use substances like bleach, sulfates, or chemicals. 

We recommend not coloring your hair too often to avoid follicle inflammation and scalp damage. You can target the graying strands by opting for highlights or root touch-ups. Of course, you could also just embrace your graying and go for volume as an alternative.

Bosley also highly recommends using BosRevive Thickening Treatment For Color Treated Hair. As it is a leave-in foam, you’ll rejuvenate your thinning hair and boost volume. While color treatments are short-term, growing thicker hair will deliver better results.

2. Use Shampoo & Conditioner That Revitalizes Hair Growth

Are you wondering what is the best shampoo for thinning hair? Over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners are formulated for basic cleansing, but you can take a defensive approach and use Bosley shampoo and conditioner to achieve optimal results.

OTC shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates and lack the right ingredients for scalp invigoration, hair follicle cell regeneration, or scalp treatment. They also only work as a cleansing aid rather than catering to those who have excessive shedding and thinning. 

If you really want an all-in-one product that takes on hair thinning and thickening, our Bosley experts have formulated a Bos Defense Starter Pack just for you. You’ll get a nourishing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, and thickening treatment all for $41.95. 

If you are wondering if you need weekly deep conditioning treatments for fine hair, the answer is no as long as you don’t have serious damage. If you worry about fine hair, a nourishing leave-in will work just as well in addition to our shampoo and conditioner.

3. Disguise Your Hair Thinning

You will want to pay close attention to the hair follicle and root area as that is a primary reason for hair thinning. An easy way to disguise it is by using hair thickening fibers that bond to the hair strands to make them appear thicker, fuller, and voluminous. 

Hair fibers also cover up graying roots, so it’s a simple solution without having to use chemical treatments. You simply shake the thickening fibers onto the areas that have a lower density. You can even style your hair with the fibers in place and wash it out later.

4. Utilize Hair Thinning Styling Support

It’s no secret that styling your hair is an easy way to conceal thinning hair. You will want to avoid the sticky marketplace hairsprays, though, to ensure your strands don’t stick together or expose thinning spots. A non-aerosol hairspray is just what you need.

Bosley Non-Aerosol Hairspray and Fiberhold Spray is the perfect go-to for a hair thinning solution with thickening fibers. Not only is it the best hair thinning and styling product on the market, but the hairspray and fiber components keep your strands in place.

Moreover, the fibers blend in with your hair and cover-up thinning or balding spots. We suggest you check out our Bosley Professional Strength Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers video explainer.


5. Ask The Experts For Help

Asking the experts for help is a great idea because you can gain industry insights about hair thinning as well as product recommendations. There are plenty of reputable sources online that provide tips, tricks, and product recommendations, including our Bosley blog.

Bosley is an industry leader that has a long-standing reputation as a full-service hair care company, so we provide products and services that include hair thinning defense, hair regrowth treatments, and more permanent surgical and non-surgical opportunities. 

We offer a diverse product range regardless of the stage you are in. We know how valuable it is to have products that work, so we have developed Bosley for men and women to defend against thinning, revitalization, and FDA-approved growth treatments.

Can Hair Grow Back After Thinning?

If you are noticing hair thinning, don’t get discouraged as your hair is made of keratin, a protein your body makes naturally. Hair usually grows back dozens of times over your lifetime. Aging tends to cause hairs to rest more than usual, so you just need a bit of regrowth treatment help.

Usually, a condition such as telogen effluvium will cause hair thinning, but new hairs tend to grow in stages over six months after treatment. As we suggest, making changes to your hair care routine further acts as a defense to ensure you are not losing hair or balding as you did before.

If your hairs are thinning but not shedding, styling products like Bosley Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub, Follicle Energizer, Follicle Nourisher, and a Moisture Masque utilize ingredients such as botanical extracts, biotin, and vegetable proteins to enhance your scalp and hair follicle health.

Bosley Ultra-Boost Styling Crème, Volumizing and Thickening Gel or Mousse, and Blow-Dry Styling Gel are perfect hair care routine must-haves. You can also mix-and-match products to ensure you have a well-rounded routine that counteracts thinning hair rather than concealing it.

Questions To Ask Before Deciding On The Right Products

  • Are you on any medications?
  • Are you under extreme stress?
  • Are you over the age of fifty?
  • When did you first notice your hair thinning?
  • Have you experienced any hormonal imbalances?
  • What are the hair thinning issues you want to change?
  • Do you notice excessive hairs on your brush, pillow, or drain?
  • Has anything significantly changed during hair thinning stages?
  • Are you shedding white or yellow flakes or feel bumps on your scalp?

Do Any Hair Loss Treatments Actually Work?

Lots of companies promise results but lack the proper ingredients to back up their claims, so it’s hard to separate the good from the bad. The good news is that there are hair loss treatments that actually work and deliver on advertising claims. Bosley only uses Minoxidil-based products for hair thinning and loss, which is clinically approved by the FDA as a hair regrowth stimulant. 

Is Bosley Hair Restoration Permanent?

If your hair thinning is so severe that you need to rejuvenate new growth before developing a hair care routine, you can begin your transformation with something more permanent like Bosley Hair Restoration, which takes healthy hairs and transplants them where needed. You can then use these regrowth treatments to reinvigorate the healthy hair follicles and create thicker hair.

Are you wondering how long does it take to see results from Bosley? Hair takes about two weeks to start growing and will appear fuzzy. That’s great news because you will know your follicles are still growing hair normally. Hair lengthens a half-inch per month, so you will see real results in about six months. If you crave long, flowing locks, it can take eighteen months.

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