It can be incredibly alarming to find a clump of hair in your brush or shower drain, most especially if it just started and are unsure of its cause. It can also be a relief when you are past the thinning or loss treatment and ready for the regrowth phase. Here are the do’s and don’ts of regrowing your hair and must-buy Bosley hair products that will revive and rejuvenate strands. 

What Causes Hair Loss?

Male pattern baldness is often caused by genetics and testosterone fluctuations. While some men suffer male pattern baldness as soon as they reach puberty, about 50% of men start to notice hair loss by the age of fifty as hair thinning and baldness occur at the temple and crown areas.

  • At What Age Do Men Start Balding?

    Males who enter puberty can lose hair because of testosterone production, although the cause is normally associated with a medical condition in teens and young adults. A fourth of men by the age of thirty shows signs of thinning and balding. By fifty, half of all men have bald spots. Over two-thirds by sixty have moderate to severe male pattern baldness.

  • Why is my hair thinning in the front?

    While women typically only thin along the parting line, men are more susceptible to receding hairlines that start at temples and move to the crown area in a horseshoe or an “M” shape. Because of genetics, men also tend to first have hair follicle shrinkage that prevents hair regrowth. Using treatments that contain Minoxidil is highly recommended.

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    Female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is often caused by issues like post-menopausal changes, thyroid problems, anemia, stress, hormonal fluctuations, or diet. Hair thinning in women tends to occur along the parting line and widen outward causing the loss to be noticeable.
  • Why Am I Losing So Much Hair In The Shower?

    Only about a tenth of follicles are normally in the resting stage of hair growth cycling. When you notice you are losing more hair in the shower than normal, it’s likely because more of your hair follicles are remaining in the telogen phase which is causing severe shedding. Changing your hair care routine will improve hair follicle health and regrowth.

  • What Causes Female Hair Loss On Top Of Head?

    Some women do lose hair on top of the head because of the presence of androgen (male hormones) in the body. Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also cause reproductive issues, weight gain, and hair loss in women on the scalp and body. 

  • Does A Woman's Hair Thin With Age?

    You’ll lose hair at any time in your life because hair enters the telogen stage and sheds up to 100 strands daily. Women who are experiencing hormonal changes will also see some thinning as a response. Over time, women’s hair often thins after the menopause stage. 

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The Do's and Don’ts of Regrowing Your Hair 

Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleansing

  • Do A Scalp Reboot. Watch Our How-To Video For Best Results.
  • Do Wash And Condition Your Hair Only When Needed.
  • Do Use Bosley Shampoo To Nourish The Scalp And Stimulate Regrowth.
  • Do Use A Volumizing Conditioner To Moisturize Your Hair For Easy Brushing.
  • Do Rinse With Cool Water To Maximize Scalp and Hair Follicle Health.

  • Do Not Towel Dry Your Hair To Avoid Breakage and Hair Loss.
  • Do Not Wash Your Hair Or Style It With Rough, Pulling Movements.
  • Do Not Use Shampoos And Conditioners That Do Not Promote Hair Regrowth.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Styling

  • Do Protect Your Head And Scalp From Direct UV Rays.
  • Do Use A Soft-Bristled Brush To Redistribute Sebum Oils.
  • Do Try different Styling Techniques To Boost Texture And Body.
  • Do Use A Styling Crème To Boost Scalp Health And Inspire Regrowth.
  • Do Get Trims Routinely To Remove Damaged Hair And Stimulate Growth.
  • Do Use Style + Blow Dry And Styling Gel For Texture And To Lessen Heat Damage.

  • Do Not Over-Style Your Hair With Blow Dryers And Heating Tools.
  • Do Not Use Styling Products With Alcohol To Avoid Dry, Damaged Hair.
  • Do Not Pull Out Tangles In Your Hair By Using A Detangling Comb Or Brush.
  • Do Not Be Impatient About Growth Time. Thickening Treatments Boost Texture.
  • Do Not Style Hair In Tight Styles Like Braids Or Ponytails To Avoid Scalp Trauma.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Hair Cosmetics

  • Do Use Bosley Hair Products For Volume, Texture, And Nourishment.
  • Do Use Our Bosley Hairspray With Fibers To Style Your Hair In Place.
  • Do Nourish Your Hair Between Colorings And Styling To Minimize Damage.
  • Do Use Bosley Pro Hair Thickening Fibers And Non-Aerosol Hairspray To Fill In The Thinning Areas With Thicker, Fuller, And Healthier Hair Strands.

  • Do Not Expose Your Hair To Harsh Coloring, Sulfates, Or Chlorine.
  • Do Not Pull Out Gray Hair As It Damages The Root And Hinders Regrowth.
  • Do Not Choose Your Shampoo & Conditioner Until You Learn Your Hair Type.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Hair Regrowth

  • Do Follow Bosley On Facebook and Instagram To Learn Regrowth Tips.
  • Do Take A Daily Nutritional Supplement For Cell Rejuvenation & Hair Growth.
  • Do Massage The Scalp For Five Minutes 3x A Day For Texture And Regrowth.
  • Do Document Your Hair Restoration Journey. It Can Prevent Future Hair Loss.

  • Do Not Ignore The Signs And Symptoms Of Hair Loss. Defend Against Hair Loss.
  • Do Not Let Your Hair Loss Stress You Out. Bosley Offers Lots Of Solutions.
  • Do Not Engage In Habitual Habits Like Pulling Or Twisting To Avoid Hair Loss.
  • Do Not Be Afraid To Learn More About Bosley Hair Restoration & Transplants.
  • Do Not Focus Solely On Hair Growth. Develop A Healthy Mind-And-Body Strategy.
  • Do Not Wear Wigs Or Weaves Often To Avoid Follicle Inflammation And Hair Loss.

How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow?

It takes about four months for Bosley regrowth treatments containing Minoxidil to stimulate the new hair growth. It will take about twelve months to completely experience full hair regrowth.

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Hair tends to grow about a half an inch every four weeks and about fifteen centimeters in a year. One should also keep in mind that factors like health and diet can strongly affect growth rates. Proper hydration and nourishment will also stimulate hair follicle cell health and circulation.

How To Grow Hair Faster?

By using Bosley regrowth treatments, new hair strands will appear fuller, thicker, and stronger. Eating a balanced diet will also support cell health and provide the proper nutrients for growth.

Does Bosley Regrow Hair?

Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatments contain Minoxidil, which is one of the most potent ingredients on the market for slowing down strand thinning and regrowing hair. It’s also FDA approved, so it’s undergone intensive clinical trials. It’s also topically applied to your scalp, so your hair follicles are getting direct treatment to affected areas, which will boost follicle cell regeneration. Bosley hair products are divided into three primary areas, including solutions for an early defense, reviving your hair while in the thinning stage, and professional treatment for hair loss. 

Is Bosley A Baldness Cure?

The life cycle of hair follicles is biological as they enter a growth, a transition, a resting, and a shedding stage before regrowing new strands. If your hair is uncommonly stuck in the telogen effluvium phase, it doesn’t mean you will experience hair thinning or balding. A person also does not go completely bald unless an underlying issue like inflammation, severe stress, or an autoimmune disorder is present. It’s important to understand the cause to understand the cure.

If your hair is associated with a medical issue, use of medication, or trauma, the “baldness cure” is to get past the cause and return your hair to its normal hair growth cycle. If you are balding because of heredity or a chronic medical condition, there is no baldness cure. Instead, you can undergo procedures like Bosley hair restoration to regrow hair, promote hair follicle cell regeneration with Bosley products, or transplant hairs from the back of the head to a bald area. 

Some might call this new-age technology a baldness cure because you can counterbalance the thinning with professional-strength Bosley hair products or see a Bosley physician who can give you a whole new look and feel. What’s important is that you feel rejuvenated and restored after trying it out for whatever reason you choose. It’s also comforting to know that Bosley scientists are working hard to create hair care products and techniques that will lead to a baldness cure.

How Effective Are Hair Transplants?

Some Bosley clients who have severe hair loss tend to start with a hair transplant to regrow hair and then prevent future loss by using Bosley hair products. Hair transplants can restore as much as eighty-percent of lost hair within three to four months. It’s your hair, so you’ll want to protect the new you because hair is still susceptible to thinning (it will go through normal hair cycles).

Depending on where you are in your hair loss journey, Bosley offers professional services for people in any stage of life, from preventive care to non-surgical laser therapy and transplants. It’s all about you. We just provide the products to assist you in restoring your hair and your self-confidence. Contact us to consult with our Bosley experts on the right pathway to restore hair.