Are you longing for thicker, fuller hair to achieve a new and improved hairstyle? Are you losing hope of ever achieving it when you notice more hair strands falling out? With a bit of help from Bosley hair products and the right style, you’ll bring in the new year with a whole new hairdo!

What Age Do You Start Losing Hair?

Males may start losing hair as soon as puberty hits from heredity and testosterone factors. Male pattern baldness may cause hair loss in the teen years and early adulthood. It begins with hair thinning that develops as a receding hairline and then continues to bald in the crown area.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a condition where the hair begins to thin out typically beginning at the hairline and receding backward towards the center of the scalp. Your hair will gradually disappear over time causing many men to feel helpless as more hair loss occurs. Thinning hair is a condition that most people will encounter in their lifetime, so it’s all about your response to it.

It’s important to remember that thinning hair isn’t a curse. In fact, it's perfect for some trendier hairstyles. With the help of Bosley hair products, many men can still achieve desired hairstyles and fashion-friendly appeal. We’ve gathered a few of the best hairstyles for men with thinning hair as well as how a few simple changes and grooming methods can enhance your appearance.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Have you ever heard the saying that a little goes a long way? The same goes for your hair! A simple cut or easy-to-style hairdo can improve the look of your thin hair almost instantly. Here are a few of the best and simple hairstyles for you to try if you want something simple and sleek.


1. Buzz Cut

 Simply put, keep it simple. A low buzz cut can give the illusion of thicker hair. Let the locks go! Longer strands will bring unwanted attention to your thinning but a low-cut hairstyle can hide it. Great ways to compliment a short cut include growing a beard or buzzing patterns into your hair. These can add an extra groomed feel to your appearance making you feel as good as you look! So, try the crew cut, butch cut, or the flattop out.

2. The High and Tight

 This is a classic military-style look that many men have adopted. You just fade the edges into a short cut at the top center (approximately 1-2 inches long). Don’t get this mixed up with the Pompadour look, which we will discuss next. This is an everyday look that will help you to easily conceal those thinning-on-top areas or balding patches in your head.

3. Crew Cut

The crew cut is similar to the High and Tight look. The difference is the sides and back are usually tapered with the strands at the front (along the hairline) being a few inches longer than that at the crown. This is a very common hairstyle with men as it can be a lifesaver for those with thinning hair. You can also create diverse variations of this hairstyle by having a sleeked forward hairdo or a textured one. Both variations can help those with thin hair conceal those pesky patches and prevent them from being on display.

Tip 2: Glam It Up

Are you feeling dressy or want a luxurious look? You can do that too! These looks will put the confidence back in any man. Give these hairstyles a try and see what works for your hair type.

4. The Pompadour

Yes, you can have the pompadour look with thinning hair, and there are many variations of this look that you can try. Depending on your exact hair thinning or loss condition, there may be one that suits your specific needs. Are you balding on the sides or the back? Buzz those edges down and put the focus on your pomp puff! This can create a fuller and more luxurious look. Want to pull off the more classic pompadour look? See below where we discuss hair fibers and what they can do for adding volume and thickness.

5. Slicked Back Hair

This is the classic bad boy look. Curly hair typically has the best results as this hair type can give the appearance of a fuller look when the curls expand and cover the lighter patches. Regardless, you will need a reliable pomade or gel, so try Bosley for Men’s Pro Volumizing & Thickening Styling Gel. Specifically designed with your needs in mind, this product can visibly thicken your hair with naturally-derived thickening volumizers.

6. Sleek Side Part

The slicked-back part can be great for those looking to conceal any thinning hair strands. You don’t want to use too much product as this can overwhelm this style and cause your hair to do the opposite of what you want by clumping or exposing scarcity. Just a small dime-sized dab of Bosley Pro Volumizing & Thickening Styling Gel is all you need.

Tip 3: Create Your Own Style

Maybe a cut or the slick back look just doesn’t work for your individual style. There are many looks out there that you can create as long as you know the basic techniques to help conceal thinning hair strands and define a unique identity. Here are nontraditional looks that you can try for thinning hair and the Bosley hair products you can use to pull each one off professionally.

7. Faux Hawk

This is a more adventurous take on the pompadour look except the pomp is sleeked into an upward position instead of swooped to the back. Given the overlaying position of the hair strands, you can easily mask your thinning strands. There are many ways in which you can add to this look by throwing in some hair color, tapering or buzzing the sides or edges or adding to the length of the Mohawk. The Pro Volumizing Thickening Styling Mousse works best to boost hair texture while adding volume at the shaft of the strands.

8. Textured

This look includes any texture that you like be it a spiked quiff, tousled quiff, or curly fringe. There is so much you can do with a great hairstyling gel or hairspray. For a great texture hold, try Bosley’s Pro Ultra-Boost Styling Crème to moisturize your hair while adding texture and volume to the style to make it look fuller with a semi-matte finish.

If you have tried the above Bosley hair product recommendations but you feel as though your hair is still missing that special something, it’s time to get creative and give hair fibers a try.

What Are Hair Fibers?

Hair thickening fibers are made from natural keratin that sticks to your hair helping to patch and cover any thinning spots instantly. This is different from the above hairstyles as these fibers are made up of the same protein that is found in your hair. Men suffering from male pattern baldness can find an instant and temporary fix to hair thinning that just won’t go away. It is important that you use a brand you can trust like Bosley to ensure you get quality-made products. Bosley’s Pro Hair Thickening Fibers are made from natural keratin and bond securely to hair for instantaneous volume and a thicker appearance that friends and family will definitely notice.

How Do I Use Thickening Fibers?

Once you wash your hair and dry it completely, apply the hair fibers by shaking them onto the thinning areas of the hair while combing it. For added protection, it is recommended that you sprinkle the fibers into your hairbrush and move it along the hairline or other hard to reach areas. You can then style your hair as normal. It is imperative to finish the look off with a strong and reliable hairspray like Bosley Pro Non-Aerosol Hairspray and FiberHold Spray. This product is specifically created to help lock in the hair thickening fibers even on rainy days, gusts of wind, and perspiring while still maintaining the perfect hold and overall hairstyling look.

What Can Bosley Do For Thinning Hair?

It is best to try out new looks and see what works for your hair type and your personal style. As you can see, having thinning hair doesn’t limit your options but instead, it encourages you to try new looks that you may have never tried otherwise. You will learn to appreciate thinning hair.

The research and hard work that goes into our products help you achieve and maintain the thick head of hair you’ve always wanted. From the best shampoo for thinning hair to styling products or hair restoration, Bosley has what it takes to pull off the best hairstyle for thin hair.

When choosing the best hairstyles for men with thin hair, it’s best to use a shampoo for hair thinning and thickening fibers. Bosley hair restoration is also successful as a transplant solution that takes healthy hair follicles from the back of the head and transplants them to the frontal area.

Have you found the best hairstyle for your thinning hair? We recommend that you visit us at to choose the best Bosley hair products for your chosen hairstyle.