The key to making your hair grow better isn't just about the products you use but also a few more things. Educate yourself on these and get recommendations on how to help your hair grow better.

If you are like most consumers, you are always looking for ways to improve your hair care routine and grow your hair. It’s the very reason why people around the world turn to Bosley hair products to provide the necessary tools to get stronger, healthier, and more appealing hair. Unfortunately, there are things you do on a daily basis to hinder hair growth, so here are a few recommendations to help you make a change in your haircare cleansing and styling routine.

1. Avoid Pulling and Yanking Hair Strands

Whether it’s from wet tangles or accidentally removing hair from the roots you’re your hairstyling, pulling and yanking are the most likely ways to damage hair follicles. Once they become scarred, it will be impossible to regrow hair. It is the very reason why some people undergo follicular unit transplantation to restore hair follicle health and regrowth.

Hair loss from tightly pulled hairstyles is also a primary cause of hair loss. Also known as traction alopecia, hair loss from rubber bands, weaves, or braids. As the roots become swollen and irritated, the hair strands fall out unnaturally. Most people do not notice the thinning when hair strand cycles are normally renewing and growing as they should.

In most cases, hair loss from styling causes thinning while new hairs grow back, severe damage to the follicles will result in not being able to regrow hair, thus the thinning becomes more permanent. The blood flow circulating to the roots will also become blocked, which results in scarring the hair follicles, in which this hair loss is permanent.

Bosley Recommendations For Hairstyling

  • Do not wear your hair in tight hairstyles such as buns, braids, corn-rolls, or ponytails as they create pressure on the scalp, hair follicles, and roots. You should also avoid the use of rollers, especially when asleep. You will notice a painful, burning sensation, bumps, soars, and tenderness from the tension. 

  • After washing, do not comb your hair roughly as it will make hair follicles swell up and remove the strands unnecessarily. Use a Bosley conditioner and gently start combing your fingers upward at ends working out tangles. Once you stop doing these hairstyles, your hair will regrow within two months. 

  • Wear your hair natural and without heat, chemicals, or coloring. Watch your hair at the hairline as it will break off and then lead to a receding hairline. 

  • Use a scrunchie rather than elastic hair ties. You can have ponytails lower on the scalp but loosen them. If you feel pain or tension, change your hairstyle.

  2. Stop Using Hair Dyes With Peroxide, Bleach, Or Ammonia

Hair dyes are made of chemicals that work at the roots to change the color of your hair. While temporary coloring only works at the hair cuticles, permanent hair coloring travels to the hair cortex. The chemicals in permanent hair color can alter the texture of the hair and cover grays. Permanent hair color never fades as well, so new roots will not match. 

Hair dyes do not stop new hair from growing, but over time, it damages the colored hairs. With continued dye usage, you will begin to see an uptick in shedding, which will promote hair thinning. The chemicals in hair dye, such as peroxide, bleach, or ammonia will cause all the hairs in the telogen cycle to deteriorate with each coloring and shed.

When you are also changing hair color from dark to light, it will seriously damage the hair strands and cause breakage at the roots. While this type of hair shedding is temporary, you won’t be able to retain new hair growth without discontinuing this lifestyle choice. If you must color your hair, try to choose a color closer to your hair.

3. Avoid Heating Tools Without The Proper Products

Straightening or curling your hair is all the rage in today’s fashion world, but it could also be the reason why your hair is dry, brittle, and lifeless. It’s very important to limit the amount of time your hair is under intense heat, including when using blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. You should also use a heat protector like Style + Blow Dry and Styling Gel (perfect for under 450° F) to limit the damage to your hair strands.

Most heating tools are designed to heat up to 410 degrees, so it will cause serious damage to hair whether it is fine or coarse. When heat is applied to your hair, it causes the hydrogen bonds that promote moisture to break down inside the hair follicles, and in time, it causes hair to become dry and fractured, which is why ends look so frizzy.

In the future, use heating tools as minimally as you can and be cognizant of the temperatures. Bosley experts recommend heat be no more than 350 degrees for non-color-treated hair and even lower if color-treated. You should also use a Bosley shampoo and conditioner to restore the lost moisture and keep hair from losing its appearance.

If you notice your hair is thinning or falling out from heat damage and not experiencing regrowth, you can contact our experts to learn more about Bosley hair restoration surgical and non-surgical options available to you. You’ll receive a full scalp examination and diagnosis for your hair loss as well as prevention and treatment options.

4. Stop Investing In OTC Products With No Benefit

Styling products are part of a multi-billion-dollar business, so people believe they all work as advertised. Most especially with hair thinning and hair loss, scientific research shows that over-the-counter products lack the necessary ingredients to treat it properly. Research is vital when choosing OTC products to ensure they are approved for hair loss.

As Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved product for hair loss, it’s important to note why. It’s a waste of money to buy any OTC hair regrowth product without it as you won’t receive the results that are promised. More importantly, all other ingredients are not approved by the FDA, unlike Bosley Hair Re-Growth Treatment with Minoxidil. 

  • The FDA has approved hair loss products without needing a prescription, and it has helped many who suffer from hereditary or hormonal conditions. With a condition such as androgenetic alopecia, it starts as early as thirty and affects as many as eight-out-of-ten men over the age of seventy and as many as 50% of women who are postmenopausal. 

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some people lose hair because of genetics and hormonal changes while others experience it from radiation therapy, stressful events, medical conditions, or tension-causing hairstyles. Some also see early signs of hair thinning while others lose hair gradually. There may be signs of scalp infections, inflammation, or follicle scarring.

Hair loss patterns are also different in men and women. Men lose hair along the crown and temples while women lose it along the center parting line. Both men and women can also experience balding, although it is more prominent in males. It’s important to evaluate your hair loss symptoms before deciding on a plan of action for the reduction of thinning or regrowth.

Self-Treatment Recommendations

When should a person choose to start Bosley Hair Re-Growth Treatment? If you have a medical condition, it’s important to seek medical treatment to clear up the cause of your hair loss before re-growing it. You should also see a doctor first if you are losing hair all over your body, most especially if you do not have a history of hair loss in your family.

Only use products that contain minoxidil. The FDA approves 5% for men and 2% for women. The reason why the FDA approves 2% for women is that the hair loss patterns are different than males and using 5% of minoxidil can promote the growth of facial hair. 

Minoxidil is effective as it stimulates the blood flow to hair follicles and promotes the size of the cuticles, which in turn grow thicker hair strands. Other OTC hair loss products are not as effective as they do not contain minoxidil or target the hair follicles. Minoxidil is also effective in treating conditions such as androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. 

Why Choose Bosley?

If you are losing your hair and looking for solutions, you will undoubtedly come across several options, both in products and surgical or non-surgical solutions. Which do you choose? Bosley has a history of treating hair loss successfully, but more importantly, we empathize with how losing your hair will affect your mental and physical well-being. 

These four recommendations will help you learn how to grow hair faster and how to properly care for your hair during the regrowth process. Your hair care and styling routine will also determine how long it takes for the hair to grow. By following a normal routine and using Bosley hair products like Bosley shampoo, you’ll be able to achieve the best regrowth results.